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 Carrier Ethernet solutions for multi-location connectivity.

Written by: S. Sullivan - Feb 25, 2017

Need a cost-effective and reliable alternative to dedicated private line TDM connections?

Carrier based Ethernet solutions can meet your bandwidth needs, delivering the simplicity and ubiquity of Ethernet along with the speed and reliability of a robust fiber optic infrastructure.

The development of private layer 2 networks via Ethernet provides connectivity to/from branch offices, with access to off-site data storage, or backup/redundancy applications.

Migrating to Carrier Ethernet solutions and away from costly legacy technologies, such as Frame Relay and ATM, can help your business achieve significant cost savings. Which may be attained by: · Reducing capital outlays on routers, switches, and hardware · Eliminating monthly local loop access charges · Efficiently scaling bandwidth capacity to meet changing business needs

Connectivity Types

(1) E-Line service used to create Ethernet Private Line (EPL) e.g. Point-To-Point VPNs: A fast and secure connection from one location directly to another. An excellent solution for businesses seeking a reliable way to connect two locations together, such as financial firms looking to securely transfer private data from one office location to another over a secure and reliable network.

(2) Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL) e.g. Point-To-Multipoint VPNs: Connecting urban locations to outlying areas easily and securely. The perfect solution for companies seeking to connect multiple locations to a central office, such as healthcare organizations that need to transfer vital patient information from remote physicians' offices to a hospital data center.

(3) E-LAN service used to create Ethernet LAN (ELAN) e.g. Multipoint-To-Multipoint VPNs: Scalable connectivity where you do business. An ideal solution for organizations seeking high capacity connections between multiple locations, such as universities looking to connect multiple campuses or departments, on one network.

Key Points

· Affordability - Competitively priced compared to traditional Telco circuits and not mileage sensitive (no loop charges!). Additional cost advantages are achieved by lower up front CAPEX and ongoing OPEX. · Scalability - Provides incremental bandwidth options (at sub-T1 speeds up to 10 Gbps), delivering seamless throughput from LAN to WAN. · Versatility - Bandwidth versatility enables multiple circuit configurations and options. · Reach – Dense infrastructure offering leverage via ‘lit’ on-net buildings. · Reliable Service - Backed by commercial grade Telco type SLAs.